Dallas Cowboys 2016 Mock Draft V.Richard Rodgers Jersey 5.0 Minimizing Risk And Maximizing Impact The Dallas Cowboys have a long list of roster needs,Jonathan Stewart Jersey but drafting purely for need can often get teams in big trouble. Additionally,Cyrus Jones Jersey at this point in the process, a lot of holes are being poked in draft prospects and by late April,Doug Baldwin Jersey it's conceivable that teams could get cold feet about some prospects. For the Cowboys,James Harrison Jersey picking as high as they are, you would think that there aren't many can't miss prospects in this class,AJ McCarron Jersey but my colleague Danny Phantom will assure you there certainly are. It's a good possibility that the Cowboys could draft with the intent of minimizing risks with their picks.Chandler Jones Jersey This week, we heard clearly from Jerry Jones that he envisions Tony Romo being the quarterback in Dallas for the next four or five years (it seems like he's been saying that for four or five years now).DeMarcus Ware Jersey For Mockery V, we will operate under the assumption that Jerry stays true to his word and doesn't draft a quarterback at four.Jason Witten Jersey With the forgone conclusion that most of these quarterbacks will need more development anyhow, it's not a bad mindset.Rashad Jennings Jersey The DC.com staff went all out in an effort to show four very different mocks: Joey Bosa is the only player to show up in more than one mock. Notice also that all four mocks have the Cowboys taking a QB in the third or fourth round, but not in the first. Also noteworthy: while Broaddus has the Cowboys taking a RB in the first, the other three writers wait until the third or fourth rounds before they pick a back for Dallas. And finally, if you look closely at the positions picked, you'll notice that three of the four writers picked three offensive players with their top five picks, with Broaddus going so far as to select six offensive players with his nine picks.